The problems associated

 with other forms of treatments:

The truth is, not all forms of stop smoking treatments are equal.

After hearing of so many failed attempts from people trying other forms of stop smoking treatments, before they came to muzzSTOP. . . we naturally decided to look into the more disputed ones for ourselves.

Combining what people have told us, with what we learnt; has left us to conclude that these other forms of treatments have either: the potential side effects that could put your health at serious risk; or they simply just don't work . . . and in some cases we found they were both.

After many considerations, we decided to include this page for those of you who are interested in reading a little of what we found; and have now come to understand.

Let us first look at the two most commonly used drugs to try and stop people from smoking, Champix and Zyban; then we'll look at NRT (nicotine replacement therapies, for example: patches and alike) and then we would like to explain conventional or traditional acupuncture's and laser acupuncture's total inability to provide people with any real or extra means to stop smoking; so that you can get some understanding as to the difference between these so called stop smoking treatments and muzzSTOP . . . . 

Champix (or varenicline, as it was once called)

This drug "in our opinion" is the MOST dangerous of all
the non-smoking treatments available.

There are reports of Champix accounting for more cases of serious side effects than any other stop smoking drug.

Although, it is very hard to find out everything about this drug. . . at very best, it temporarily blocks the effect of nicotine on the brain, reducing the pleasurable feelings associated with smoking.

However, the huge downside of taking a drug strong enough to do things like this to your brain is seen in its multiple reports of: suicidal acts and suicidal-ideation, psychosis and hostility or aggression, including homicidal-ideation . . . to list only the most prominent psychiatric side effects.

Also, the reports suggested that varenicline may be related to the loss of glycemic control and new onset of diabetes, heart rhythm disturbances, skin reactions, vision disturbances, seizures, abnormal muscle spasms and other movement disorders.

Even if this drug is only half as bad as it is reported as being, we would recommend you to keep smoking, rather than taking Champix . . . and we hate what smoking does to people.

Zyban (or Bupropion as it was initially known)

We often have patients who have tried Zyban before they came to muzzSTOP, and almost every one of them have reported been very sick as a result from taking this drug.

Symptoms included: seizures, bad headaches, agitation and insomnia.  Less frequently, allergic-type responses including itching, red skin and swelling of the airways, mouth and lips. Some users of Zyban have required hospitalisation, and now there are even medical reports of deaths directly linked to taking Zyban.

The most controversial side effect of Bupropion (or Zyban as it is now called) is the seizures, which was the reason for its initial withdrawal from the market, before it re-appeared as a stop smoking drug called Zyban.

Although Zyban was originally developed as an antidepressant, we feel the biggest problem with this drug is the way that it is metabolized in the liver.  Many of its results appear to be far more dangerous than nicotine.
In our opinion, taking this drug to stop smoking is like jumping out of the pan into the fire.  And, to top it all off; it has a very low success rate of actually stopping people from smoking.

Nicotine Patches - Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)

There have been multiple forms of NRT marketed to smokers over the past 20 years, including: nicotine patch, inhaler, nasal spray, gum, sublingual tablets, and lozenges, etc.  These are all various forms of nicotine delivery methods, intended to replace the nicotine your body is addicted to from tobacco usage.

Even though NRT delivers nicotine at a much slower rate than cigarettes do, we have found that nicotine absorbed via the skin or saliva can build an overall deeper dependency on nicotine.

Most of the nicotine produced to make these medicines is provided by the same tobacco companies that make the cigarettes . . .  It seems they just want to get nicotine into your body one way or another.  Either way, it’s a financial win–win situation for them; as it keeps their tobacco-based nicotine sales on the up and up.

And, from a health point of view, the real question still remains, why would you add more of the same poison to your system that is killing you in the first place?  Especially, when nicotine is one of the most lethal chemicals available, reported to be 3 times more lethal than arsenic - if just one drop of pure nicotine is placed on the tongue, it is enough to kill a healthy adult.

We say: NRT is a bit like offering drowning people glasses of water.

Traditional Acupuncture

(NB: muzzSTOP is NOT Traditional Acupuncture)

Reputable clinical trials have shown that traditional or conventional acupuncture's effect on stopping smoking is equal to that of sham/placebo; findings that we definitely agree with. 
When we initially looked at treating smokers with conventional / traditional acupuncture, we got no real results that we could attribute to these acupuncture treatments.

In our experience, general acupuncture is great for general health problems, but when it comes to deep-seated addictions, general acupuncture is not equipped to deal with these types of conditions.
Please Note:
There are also, large numbers of reputable clinical trials showing normal acupuncture to be of GREAT benefit in treating many conditions that no other modalities can.  It is just in the stop smoking field that it falls very short.
To our knowledge, all the other acupuncture based stop smoking providers only use conventional or traditional acupuncture treatments to try and  stop you from smoking.  Most common are the treatments used to treat stress.  These simply stimulate the same endorphins that nicotine does, which make you feel less stressed while you try to do without your normal supply of nicotine.  However, these treatments last only for a very short time, requiring many treatments, on a regular basis, in order to try and keep your feelings in a feel-good state so that you can hopefully endure the intense cravings over the long withdrawal period required.

For most, the process takes too long, with no significant results; and patients simply give up, and return to smoking normally.

And, LASER Acupuncture

Quite frankly, laser treatments are absolutely useless for treating deep seated addictions like nicotine.  Laser is designed primarily to be used for localised surface cosmetic treatments.

First of all, lasering body acupuncture points only really works on children up to 7 years old, while their acupuncture points are still very close to the skin, where the laser can reach them.  For adults laser is only useful for skin (or near skin deep) conditions, like treating: superficial cosmetic conditions; scar-tissue; and localised infections, etc.  In some cases it can be used on the ear acupuncture points - where the points are just under the surface of the skin. . .  But honestly, there are no ear points that can have any significant effect on deep rooted addictions like nicotine, which causes you to continually smoke cigarettes.   

All Laser based stop smoking services try to do for you as a smoker is increase your endorphin production to stimulate (serotonin & Dopamine) which are the pleasure chemicals in the brain. 
It is even questionable if anyone can actually do that using Laser.  Even if their claim to use more points than general acupuncture treatments were to have any merit, the problem still remains that they can only treat one point at a time, and regulation laser's low-level light potency drops off very quickly once it enters human tissue.
In our practical experience, there is nothing in laser treatments to stop people from smoking, no matter how many points are treated.  In fact, you could get a whole team of people armed with lasers to treat every acupuncture point in your body at once, and it would do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to stop you from smoking.

So, WHY muzzSTOP?


We don't use superficial cosmetic apparatus [Laser]; or general acupuncture treatments to treat major addictions like cigarette smoking.
We will not require you to absorb more nicotine into your body [NRT] to keep our revenue streams from tobacco-based industries alive. 
And, we certainly will NOT give you any mind-altering drugs - especially those with known dangerous side effects relating to suicidal or homicidal acts - let alone those known to hospitalise or even kill people.

muzzSTOP is the only stop smoking treatment that we know of that will remove the cravings and toxins that cause you to be addicted to cigarettes. . . in 24 hours . . .  And we have a 98% success record.

Even though we do use acupuncture as part of our treatment - it must be noted that muzzSTOP is NOT the normal conventional or traditional acupuncture that is widely used. 

The science behind muzzSTOP comes from treating the old opium addictions in the East.  We coupled that with modern science’s knowledge on how the body stores and deals with the nicotine and toxins that cause cravings and addictions through smoking tobacco.

Due to the fact that there is a lot of information available today regarding nicotine's behaviour in the human body; and given that opium addictions are far deeper and far harder to rid from the human body than nicotine, it is a very easy matter for us at muzzSTOP to stop people from smoking:
   1.  in such a short time [24 hours];
   2.  with such a high success rate [98%].

If the other systems of stop smoking worked better than muzzSTOP - we would market, sell, and treat people using them. . . BUT they just don't.

NB: As much as the above comparisons between muzzSTOP and the other treatments could be considered as "bragging about ourselves", please understand that the underlying and founding principle of our very existence is to ensure that people who really do want to stop smoking are provided with real and effective help. . .  and it is with this in mind that we wave our muzzSTOP flag above our opposition as hard as we can.

We just hate to see people's genuine hopes dashed, especially if it was due to us not making them aware of (a) our existence and (b) our unique treatment - a stop smoking treatment that really does work! 
We want you to know:  If any other form of stop smoking treatment was as good for your health as muzzSTOP is; or as highly proficient as muzzSTOP is, then we would use them . . .  Because all we are interested in is providing 'you' with the means to give up smoking right NOW and FOREVER!