muzzSTOP is a simple two-step treatment

that is completed within 24 hours of each other

The first treatment stops you smoking now; and the second treatment stops you ever needing to smoke again . . . That is right: in just two easy treatments; within 24 hours; and you are smoke FREE forever!
You will be surprised at just how easy it is.  In fact, after a long inward struggle against smoking for so many years, many of our patients find their muzzSTOP treatment to be so relieving, they actually fall asleep during the
treatment . . .  as their body begins to realise that it is being FREED from the confines of its nicotine addiction forever.


Meet the man who put muzzSTOP on the Australian map . . .


Under what FEW circumstances
might muzzSTOP
NOT work?

NOT like other treatments

There are no side effects to worry about with muzzSTOP.

In fact, many other forms of stop smoking treatments are quite bad for your health . . .

How muzzSTOP works

MuzzStop therapy is a new and revolutionary stop smoking treatment built upon the ancient Chinese 'Chi Needing' therapies, which the ancient Chinese opium addiction treatments used; specially designed to remove your nicotine cravings and withdrawal addictions in 24 hours.  In two easy treatments you can stop smoking forever.  The first treatment removes the cravings that are currently causing you to smoke; and the second treatment removes the toxic addiction in your body that causes you to want to start smoking again.

Ten compelling reasons to USE muzzStop

When you stop smoking using muzzSTOP, it will give you the feeling that you have conquered a great thing that used to control you.
This success will give you strength of character and a sense of achievement that will overflow into other areas of your life, making you a stronger person all round - giving you a greater 'can-do' attitude.
Also, you will experience a steady improvement in your physical health. As your blood becomes free of the toxic burden it was loaded down with from continual smoking, you will start to: look and feel younger; find increased energy and stamina; be more productive; and happier, with a greater sense of fulfilment.  muzzSTOP not only adds years to your life, it enables you to enjoy a better all-round quality of life.

Positive Outcomes from Day-1

Immediately following your first muzzSTOP treatment your nicotine cravings will cease and positive health improvements will become increasingly obvious to you day by day.  The following section will help you weigh up the health benefits that you will accrue in return for your muzzSTOP purchase. muzzSTOP really is an investment in your health.


All our TESTIMONIALS are "Fair-Dinkum" accounts, written by everyday people, from all walks of life, who have given up smoking using the  muzzSTOP treatment. . . 
Read how people find the immediate results remarkable – how without any battle they gave up smoking in 24 hours; and how they are delighted with the continuing health benefits and lasting recovery from their smoking dependency.


The questions frequently asked about muzzSTOP are usually from those smokers who have tried many times to stop smoking using: other stop smoking programmes; anti-smoking products; or who have tried to stop by using sheer will-power alone, and have failed.

If after reading this section, you have some questions of your own that are not answered here, please feel free to give us a call (or drop us an email), and see if we can answer your questions; or provide you with any additional information you may need to know about how muzzSTOP can help you end your smoking addiction.


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