Special Considerations

For Cigar Smokers, Pipe Smokers, or Tobacco chewers

  In essence muzzSTOP was only designed to stop CIGARETTE smokers from smoking.  Therefore this places:
-  Cigar smokers;
-  Pipe smokers;
-  Tobacco chewers;
outside the scope of our standard muzzSTOP treatment.
  We can treat tobacco users who fall into these categories.  However, we
do not just use our standard two treatments within 24 hours.  We have an extra set of treatments that we need to use, in addition to the standard muzzSTOP treatment, to successfully break these addictions.
  In the case of:
-  Cigar and pipe smokers, it will take up to 8 to 10 treatments,
-  Tobacco chewers, it can take even more (sometimes 20 treatments).
  This is due to the additional addictive substances that are absorbed through the saliva – being consumed both orally and through your intestines.
Therefore, we have to break your chemical addiction on multiple levels (and in the case of chewing tobacco, some of these levels can run quite deep).
  Our only requirement in these cases
Generally, we find that most cigar or pipe smokers, or tobacco chewers, are usually pushed or forced to come to muzzSTOP by those who live with them.
Obviously, these people cannot expect to have a high rate of success if their hearts are simply not in it.
Therefore, if you are a cigar or pipe smoker, or you chew tobacco; then our main requirement is that YOU personally must want to give up these habits for yourself, in order for our treatments to work.
  However, in the case of those who REALLY do want to give up smoking cigars or pipes, or chewing tobacco; our specialised treatments for these people are very successful at breaking their addiction.  

Those with Extra Health Considerations

  There are certain health conditions that can impede your success in the muzzSTOP treatment.  
  For example, if along with smoking, you:
-  Have an excessive eating disorder; or
-  Consume large amounts of alcohol on a daily basis; or
-  Are a high drug user.
  In certain cases where a person has multiple addictions, their blood becomes very dirty, and in many cases the whole system can be toxic.  In these cases it is virtually impossible to just treat them for smoking alone, and succeed while these other conditions exist.  
  Therefore, we have to treat these people from a more holistic approach – administering treatments that will help improve their overall health first, before we apply the normal muzzSTOP treatment for their nicotine addiction.  
  If you do consume large amounts of alcohol, or consume large amounts of poor quality foods, we are prepared to work with you to rebuild a healthier constitution first; so that then we can bring you to a place where you can easily give up smoking using the normal muzzSTOP treatment - so that you can definitely give up smoking!  
  One of the main sciences that our muzzSTOP treatments are founded upon is an ancient Chinese acupuncture formula that was originally used in the treatment of opium addiction, which is a very powerful addiction.
Therefore, we usually have great success in helping people over-come most addictions they have.
  NB: When we are talking about:  
1. Food addictions – we are talking about sugar and/or fat addictions, that cause you to habitually eat large amounts of weight increasing foods, which are predominately highly processed foods that contain large amounts of sugars and/or mono-saturated fats or trans fats;
2. Large amounts of alcohol - we are not talking about those who are just casual drinkers here – we are talking about those who wake up and proceed to drink their way through the whole day, most days of the week (and by the way, yes high class wine is also considered alcohol).
While it is true that we are called miracle workers; and that we can even do the seemingly impossible under certain conditions – even we can’t push nicotine up hill.  
The bottom line is, if you:
-  eat a reasonably balanced and healthy diet;
-  don’t consume large amounts of alcohol on a daily basis;
-  don’t chew tobacco, or smoke a pipe;
-  only have a cigar once in a while (or never);
-  and, your only real major addiction is just cigarette nicotine;
Then muzzSTOP will work normally for you.  On average we have a 98% success record; even if you are a heavy, and/or long-term cigarette smoker.
In fact, the normal muzzSTOP treatment is so powerful, that those people who have other MINOR addictions, eg: caffeine, sweet-tooth, etc. find that they are able to give up these things at the same time as their smoking - if they so desire.  
If you have any doubts or questions about where you stand with any of the above, give us a call; we are only too happy to talk with you about how we can personally help you to STOP smoking.