Q1. What are the differences between muzzSTOP acupuncture treatments and other traditional quit smoking acupuncture treatments?
Firstly, they don’t target the real problem that cause people to repeat smoking, and don’t remove the toxins that are left in one's body after years of smoking.  Traditional acupuncture involves a series of 10 to 15 treatments, while muzzSTOP is only two treatments; and traditional acupuncture treatments only have a success rate of around 10%, while muzzSTOP proudly has a success rate of over 98%.
Also, another bonus is that we at muzzSTOP are English speaking, so you will have no problems in understanding all you wish to know about your treatment.
Q2. Why do I need a second acupuncture treatment?
The first muzzSTOP acupuncture treatment directly treats your cravings that cause you to smoke – so that you can actually stop smoking now.  It is specifically designed to instantly stop all nicotine cravings in the body in ONE TREATMENT!
The second acupuncture treatment sets up a detoxification process in your body that safely gets rid of all the addictive toxins that are stored in your body over the years of smoking.  It removes the addiction in your body that causes you to start smoking again.  The first treatment stops what you are doing now; and the second treatment stops you from ever needing to do it again.
Q3. You say that the muzzSTOP treatment has an incredible 98% success rate!  But, how successful is muzzSTOP over the long-term with people who have used it?
The 98% success rate is the long-term rate.  98% of people who use muzzSTOP will stop having cravings for cigarettes immediately after their first treatment, and they never go back to smoking again.  muzzSTOP really does work forever!
Q4. Can you stop me from smoking cigarettes, even if I want to keep smoking?
The muzzSTOP treatment cannot stop you from putting cigarettes in your mouth and lighting them up at any time you want – no one can stop you from doing that.  Only you can do that!  But the reason why you will NOT put a cigarette in your mouth following muzzSTOP therapy is that you will no longer crave to smoke any more – and that is what you can’t do for yourself.  That is what muzzSTOP does do for you.  With muzzSTOP the cravings are gone in an instant, and forever! Therefore, there is no longer any desire to smoke.
Q5. Will I put on weight after I stop smoking with muzzSTOP?
No, with the muzzSTOP method your metabolism will work far better, not having to deal with low oxygen and a highly toxic intake.  This will make you far more energetic throughout your everyday.  You’ll find it easier to be active and to exercise, thus you will lose any excess weight.  Plus, you will find that your tastes will lean more towards eating nutritious and wholesome foods.
Q6. Are the muzzSTOP acupuncture treatments painful?
No, muzzSTOP acupuncture treatments are given by highly qualified and experienced acupuncturists and the specific points required are not located in parts of the body where it is painful for acupuncture treatments.
Q7. How long does each muzzSTOP acupuncture treatment take?
A muzzSTOP acupuncture treatment takes 30 - 40 minutes.  Really, it is all over before you know it.  During the first part of the treatment, we take time to explain the whole muzzSTOP process to you; and after your treatment there are a few simple instructions you have to follow, and that's it.
Q8. Is it ever too late to quit smoking?
No, it is never too late to stop smoking.  Giving up smoking at any age increases your life expectancy provided you stop before you develop cancer or other serious diseases.  Even if some damage to your health has already occurred, you will still benefit from stopping smoking, because it will enable the body's natural healing process to work well – especially once your body has been detoxified through the second muzzSTOP treatment.
Q9. I’ve tried to quit smoking several times, but I have always failed – How do I know that muzzSTOP is not going to be the same?
Most “Stop Smoking” programs fail because they either revolve around a long drawn out process involving weeks of therapy that most people give-up on; or if they do involve a quick stop concept, they don’t target the problem that makes you start smoking again. . .  But, muzzSTOP works on a totally new and revolutionary system, that not only enables you to instantly stop smoking now, but to stop smoking forever!