Real Testimonies from real people
who quit smoking using muzzSTOP

PS: If you decide to give up smoking using muzzSTOP, please email us a reference, as we would love to hear all about it from you.

I am 53 years of age and on average have smoked up to 20-25 cigarettes per day for 41 of those years.

I have over the years, tried every method known to man to stop smoking.  I have used nicotine patches; Chinese mouth drops, nicotine chewing gum, hypnotherapy, group therapy, “Zyban” tablets (3 various times) cold turkey - you name it, I have tried it.

This year, I saw MuzzSTOP's advertisement in the local paper.  Out of pure frustration, but of minimal belief and confidence, I thought I’d give it a go.  You know “the nothing to lose syndrome” (except more $$$$$$)

Well rather having nothing to lose, I now have absolutely everything to gain - my health, my finances, respect among my peers, and now importantly, my self respect.  I know I have the power!

I have ceased smoking now for 16 weeks (into the 17th week) This is the longest I have given up for.

It has been so easy.  Everything that MuzzSTOP said would happen DID!  In fact, I could have returned for a 3rd treatment but didn’t need it.  I have NO cravings.  I am still coming to terms with breaking the habits and rituals, but that is easy without the cravings.

If anyone reading this is sick of being a social pariah, sick of the lung congestion, coughing and the inability to regain fitness, then take the most positive yet simplest step you will ever take.

Thanks to MuzzSTOP, I am also saving over $4000.00 per year. That will pay for my holiday with my children next January.
Life looks good!
    David. Redland Qld 

I just wanted to thank you so very much for helping me.
Upon entering I was very skeptical as I had wasted a lot of money unnecessarily on charlatans and greedy bastards that quite simply capitalised on my weakness.
The practitioner made me feel very comfortable, he explained things very well to ease my anxiety and checked on me to see all was ok.
I have not touched a ciggie since your treatment!!!!  For me that is incredible.  I’ve stopped obsessing or even thinking about them!!!
I just wanted to say thanks for changing my life, for giving me hope again, for helping me beat something that had beat me for too long!!!
I endeavour to tell as many people as possible of your great service and hope you can help them too!
Cheers & great thanks.
    Sue.  Gold Coast

I was a serious smoker, and had tried several times over the past five years to stop.  I used patches and tablets, all to no avail.  The cravings brought me undone every time, every time I gave in to my desire and would pick up a cigarette and be off and running again.

I heard about muzzSTOP’s acupuncture treatment – and the promise that there will be no cravings.  I was impressed about the claim that my body would be rid of all the accumulated chemicals in a 24-hour period, and these two aspects of this treatment appealed to me.

It worked!! I had my last cigarette 15 minutes before my first treatment, and I have not had the desire to have a cigarette since.  I found I was completely relaxed and slept well.  There has been the odd fleeting thought about a cigarette, which was easy to put out of my mind, but ABSOLUTELY NO CRAVINGS like I had experienced in my past failed attempts to quit.

I have no hesitation in endorsing muzzSTOP’s treatment and approach to quitting smoking.  It has been the easiest thing I have ever done.
    Jennifer.  Victoria 

I am writing this letter, and am still amazed.  I thank you, my husband thanks you and I am now a non-smoker.  I have tried everything on the market to help me give up smoking and it was hopeless.  I hated the way I felt not being able to have a smoke. 
I was angry, pissed off and wanted to eat and as soon as I had a smoke I would feel better.  I was wasting my money on patches. Still I got angry and needed a smoke.

Then I saw your ad in the local paper a few months ago and thought how could that help.  Then one day I had had enough of wasting money on patches and smokes, so I made the call to you and after my first visit I was a non-smoker.  I didn’t get angry, I didn’t need to eat and was calm and no longer needed a smoke.

I am still amazed how it works.
Thank you once again.
    Anna.  Birkdale, Qld 

I am 64 years old and I have worked in mines all my life and have been smoking 60 cigarettes/day since I was 10 years old.
I reckoned I would be a challenge and an impossible case when I made inquiries at muzzSTOP.
I was flabbergasted when I had no cravings and I couldn’t believe how well I felt immediately after the first treatment.
I am the happiest 64 year old ex smoker you’ve ever seen I bet.
    D.B. Mt Isa 

muzzSTOP is something special.
I was a smoker for 17 years and gave up overnight, WITH NO CRAVINGS!!!
My friend and I did it and we both agree it’s like magic, absolutely amazing and worth every penny.
Thank you so much.
I feel amazing and am confident I will never smoke again.
    Kindest regards. D.M 

Dear muzzSTOP, I wanted to express my sincere thanks for the treatment your provided.
After so many unsuccessful attempts, I have finally quit smoking.
I would recommend this treatment to anybody as it easily fits into my busy professional career and family lifestyle.
    Tina. Coorparoo Qld 

I had never had acupuncture before, so I was a little apprehensive. But now, I equate it to going to the dentist.
You think its going to hurt, and you are tempted to put it off – but after you have been, you wonder what you were fussing over.
The pain from the acupuncture needles are far, far less than I expected – far less than ever going to the dentist, and that’s for sure, and the result is HUGE!  I would have done it ten times over to get what I got. Total FREEDOM for a life centred on smoking.

I just laugh now at people who say that they can’t give up smoking.  I am a person with the weakest willpower that I know – and I did it in a breeze!
Before muzzSTOP I could never sleep properly and I was always on edge with everyone.  Really I was a nervous wreck!  I never felt truly at peace in myself . . . but now that I have stopped smoking with muzzSTOP, I have a lovely deep satisfying sleep every night. In fact my whole life is more relaxed.  I am at peace with myself and more relaxed with everyone around me.
    Wishing to remain anonymous 

I’m not a godly person, but this is the closest I’ll get.  I’m a nonsmoker, I used to smoke lots of pot.  This has now stopped along with the cigs.  Every smoker should give it a go.  IT WORKS!
Thank You
    Joe.  Southport 

After 30 years as a smoker, I ending up on 40 a day, muzzSTOP treatments worked after one session.  I stopped smoking on 23/05/2006 and have never looked back.
    L.G.  Capalaba,  Qld

I feel great.  No cravings, very relaxed.  Breathing is a lot better.
I generally feel better.
    Mick.  Gold Coast 

If you really want to stop smoking,
this program is the ONLY way to do it.
    Carolyne.  Gold Coast

I found the acupuncturist to be professional, and I can say muzzSTOP really works.  I have tried numerous ways to stop smoking before, but this “REALLY DOES WORK”
    Brook. Gold Coast

Wonderful results. It worked.  No cravings & I felt so well in a very short time.  The practitioner explained how it worked & it did.
I would highly recommend this treatment.
    Jenifer. Helensvale

I found muzzSTOP an easy process.  A very relaxing experience. Having tried everything to stop smoking, with muzzSTOP I had no cravings or mood swings.  Hard to explain how relaxing it really is. Try muzzSTOP & you will not regret it. 
And it does work.
    Allyson. Surfers Paradise 

I found muzzSTOP to be easy for me to give up.
I have no need to smoke again.
    Tony. Oxenford 

These are the real stars of muzzSTOP.  They are everyday people who really did want to stop smoking; they took us at our word and have stopped.  But, if you still have any doubts after reading these testimonies, give us a call and talk to us.  Or, better still, book in for a treatment and see how easily we can help you give up smoking in just 24 hours. . .  Then you will be a muzzSTOP star too.  It's well worth it!