Positive outcomes from day-1

This schedule is to give you a rough idea as to what your body can expect from the time of your first muzzSTOP treatment, and roughly how much money the average smoker we treat stands to save from not smoking:

Your blood pressure and pulse start to return to normal. . .

Your blood pressure and pulse starts to return to normal. You will feel very relaxed and know within yourself that you will be able to stop smoking from your very first muzzSTOP treatment.
You will have saved approximately 10c

You are breathing easier now. . .

You are breathing easier now.  Any problems with difficultly breathing or a tight chest will now feel a great deal better.  You will be able to get a deep lung-full of air and any chest restrictions are significantly reduced.  Plus, your liver is now rapidly releasing the nicotine and other chemicals into the blood where it is being instantly cleaned up. 
[NB: You must start drinking plenty of plain water.]  You will be feeling very confident and good about it all.
You will have saved approximately 30c

The last of the nicotine is being cleansed from your body. . .

The last of the nicotine is still being cleansed from your body.  Now the herbs are kicking in and your liver is really working to get rid of the toxins caused by smoking.  From now until the next and final treatment is when most of the nicotine and chemicals are being forced out of the liver.  Even though your oxygen levels in the blood are starting to return to normal, it is very important to keep drinking lots of water to help the body flush these chemicals from the blood.  The majority of people will still feel very good at this time; and only about 5% of patients may experience some very small amounts of irritability every now and then, as the liver goes through the different stages of detoxification. [NB: You must keep drinking plenty of plain water.]
You will have saved approximately $4

In just 24 hours, it is all over. . .

In just 24 hours, it is all over. . .  Every bit of nicotine and all the addictive chemicals are being eliminated from the body at this point.  Carbon monoxide is eliminated from the body and the lungs start to clear out mucous and other smoking-related debris.  Your breathing is still getting much better.

Now your second treatment is due. . .

This treatment will remove the last toxins that could cause you any irritability.  You must remember that your liver has gone through a major clean out during the past 24 hours, so, small amount of irritability is only to be expected and accepted.
(This is why we suggest a second treatment – to help your body deal better with this.)  However, once you have had the detoxifying treatment, the majority of people have no symptoms after that.  At this point for those smokers who have used the muzzSTOP treatment, it is all finished.
You will have saved approximately $10

Life is starting to feel good again. . .

Due to the fact that NO nicotine remains in your body, you will find that even the smell of cigarette smoke is very unpleasant to you.  Your ability to taste and smell things in everyday life by Day 2 will have greatly improved.  Life feels good again; your lungs feel clean; you are sleeping much better; you have a great feeling of achievement and you know in yourself that you will not have any further problems with smoking ever again.
You will have saved approximately $20

Your overall energy has increased, and is still increasing. . .

Your overall energy has increased.  Your core strength levels are starting to increase.  By now every breath you take will be adding to your overall fitness and strength.  You will notice that your desire for good food and plain water, to be taken regularly, will have increased.  Also, your sleeping pattern is returning to normal, and you are going to bed earlier, with the thought of getting up and doing things that you want to do in your day tomorrow.
You will have saved approximately $35

It is hard to imagine that you had ever smoked. . .

Because muzzSTOP is so complete, and so quick, after only one week you will find it very hard to think that you ever were a smoker.
You will have saved approximately $80 - $115

You really want to do more physical-type activities. . .

Your general circulation will have greatly improved.  Unbeknown to most smokers, smoking greatly reduces the size of their blood vessels throughout their whole body.  After one month of not smoking your blood vessels will begin to open up again, and your circulation will continue improving for the next 12 months.  This will make exercising and physical activities easier and thus more attractive.
You will have saved approximately $250

Your memory will start to greatly improve. . .

Your memory will start to greatly improve.  Due to the large amounts of stress being masked by smoking, the mind’s overload during smoking hinders your ability to remember things.  Once you stop smoking, the levels of stress lower and your blood circulation is improved.  Thus, you will find that your memory will start to greatly improve.  This makes your work and things in your every day life easier to get through, having fewer mistakes and thus less anxiety and depression.  This means the day-to-day tasks in your general life are no longer an issue.
You will have saved approximately $1,500

You are feeling great in yourself. . .

You are feeling great.  Your levels of sensitivity to the simple pleasures in life will have fully returned. In fact, after the first year, the normal response from most people who have quit smoking using muzzSTOP is, “I have not felt like this since I was a kid”. 
Plus, just looking at muzzSTOP from a financial point of view alone: if you were offered an investment where in the first year you were guaranteed to gain somewhere between $5,000 and $6,000 for the first year (and every year after that) wouldn’t you be happy that you took it! This alone makes muzzSTOP one of the best personal investments that you could ever make.
You have saved approximately $5,000 to $6,000 in the first year!

Your risk of heart attack has fallen to about half that of a normal smoker.
You will have saved approximately $25 - 30,000

By now, your risk of lung cancer is reduced to half that of a normal smoker.
You will have saved approximately $50 - 60,000