Here are ten of the most

compelling reasons to USE muzzStop

The health of your internal organs

Once you have quit smoking, every internal organ in your body will function healthier; and therefore you will greatly reduce the risk of contracting any serious illness.
The muzzSTOP therapy will help your body clean your blood and enhance your internal health in such a way that your body will be able to heal itself of many medical conditions it has been unable to tend to while you were smoking.  Stopping smoking will relieve the inflammation that is produced in the body of a smoker . . . and it has been well proven that inflammation is a potent activator of organ disease.
After removing your nicotine addiction using muzzSTOP, the chemistry of your whole body will even change at cell level, promoting a cellular regeneration which will accelerate your body’s natural healing process.

There is an old
Wu-Chi saying in medicine, “Your body must have: Food within
30 days, Fluids within 3 days,
and Air within
3 minutes.”

Meaning, what you breathe is more than 10,000 times more important to your health than what you eat!
In brief: Once you stop smoking using muzzSTOP your blood becomes cleaner, which allows every organ in the body to begin to rejuvenate. This is because blood is the medium between what you inhale and every cell in your body. Therefore, your whole health will improve through muzzSTOP.

Protein and carbohydrate synthesis heightened

A rich supply of oxygen is crucial to protein and carbohydrate synthesis (which is at the core of the body’s bio-chemical cell production and energy producing system). Following muzzSTOP therapy, there will be an enhanced flow of oxygen to the metabolic organs, along with the muscles and cells, via the blood.  The cardio-vascular system in turn better carries by-products and wastes from protein and carbohydrate synthesis away from the cells.  Therefore, the body will be more efficient at building new tissue and useable energy stores.

As a result, giving up smoking using muzzSTOP helps your body build better cells; gives you more usable energy throughout your day; greatly reduces your body odour and your tastes will naturally start to enjoy more sustaining healthy foods.

Regain control

Through muzzSTOP you will become a conqueror in yourself.  This success will give you strength of character and a sense of achievement that will overflow into other areas of your life, making you a stronger person all round.

Nicotine and cigarette smoking is an addiction that controls a large part of a smoker's life.  Following muzzSTOP therapy, you will regain the control of your life.  You will be free from the control of nicotine and you won’t need to break from your work or recreation to go outside or away from others routinely for a cigarette.  You won’t be driven anymore to spend hard-earned money on cigarettes.  In addition, you will be relieved of the ever-present, nagging sense of guilt that you should give up.

Male and female health issues

muzzSTOP has benefits for both women’s and men’s health.

Better women’s health:

1. A safer pregnancy
Increased oxygen supply assures the healthy development of your baby. You can be confident that by no longer smoking, you will not have contributed to any serious smoking-related diseases in your baby; and there will be less chance of other types of infant health problems.  Also, you will be less likely to suffer from morning sickness or experience any complications such as toxemia.

2. Happier hormonal health
Through no longer smoking, your fertility and your libido will increase. Menstrual problems will normalise, leading to better overall female health.  That heavy, exhausted feeling will go and your moods will change for the better.

3. Avoid early menopause
You will be less likely to experience an early menopause.  Women who continue to smoke have earlier menopause and a lower bone density than women who quit smoking.  Women who stop smoking using muzzSTOP lower their chances of developing early cardiovascular diseases and stroke and the limitations these conditions bring.

Better men’s health:

1. Improved masculine drive
Men who use muzzSTOP have increased testosterone levels, which will increase their sex drive, stamina and sperm count.  This is great news for couples having difficulty conceiving.  It will also reduce the chance of early impotency.

2. Prostate protection
Stopping smoking reduces inflammation, improves immunity and produces a sound hormonal balance, which helps to keep the prostate in good working order.  This reduces the chance of prostatitis and prostate cancer.

Balancing metabolism

In regards to weight loss and/or gain through giving up smoking, within the muzzSTOP therapy there is a special corrective component that balances your metabolism, to ensure that you maintain your optimum weight.
For those who tend to put on weight after they stop smoking:
With muzzSTOP you don’t have to worry about putting on weight.  It is now known that cigarettes contain chemicals that suppress your appetite, therefore when many people quit smoking they eat more and put on extra weight.  However, muzzSTOP therapy works on ALL cravings – cigarettes and food. In fact, through muzzSTOP you will have a much stronger metabolism than before.

For those who are gaunt, as a result of being a long-term smoker:
muzzSTOP is designed to correct smoking related metabolic problems by balancing the metabolism.  It will improve your muscle tone and promote strength in your body via correction and enhancement of your liver function.  Therefore, if you have a very thin and gaunt constitution as a smoker, you will gain muscle weight and fill out.

Circulation repair

Some of the major things you will notice once you have given up smoking using muzzSTOP are:
  1.  Your peripheral circulation will return to your legs and feet.
2.  Your skin will take on a healthier colour and radiance.
3.  Your heart rate will become more normal.
This is because your heart does not have to pump so hard against the pressure of pushing toxic blood through narrowing veins and arteries caused by smoking. Improved oxygenation not only makes exercise easier and more enjoyable, it actually improves the consistency of the blood and increases the elasticity of the vascular walls, which greatly improves your circulation.

Brain and nerve function optimised

Using muzzSTOP, your entire nervous system will become calm and strong.
It will promote mental clarity; better decision making and an improved memory.  Your senses will be heightened.  You will have richer, more dynamic taste, smell, sound, sight and touch.  muzzSTOP therapy will fortify and energise nerve and brain function that was depleted by the harmful stimulants found in nicotine and the other chemicals contained in cigarettes.  In this way, muzzSTOP works as a tonic for your entire brain and nervous system.

With muzzSTOP you will experience the immediate rejuvenating effect on your brain and nerves as they respond to the therapy.  The next day you will become more calm, co-operative and less fearful.  You will not be troubled by nervous twitching or shaking and you will become less hyper-reactive and more tolerant in stressful situations.  As your negative attitude changes into a positive, more responsible attitude, you will become happier overall.

Cosmetic effects

With muzzSTOP therapy you will prevent premature aging.  The decision to stop smoking is the most important first step you can take to looking and feeling younger – enhancing the overall beauty and healthy appearance of your skin.

Your body’s natural oil reserves of essential fatty acids will be replenished; and re-nourishment of the skin, hair and nails can function again at full potential.

Your fluid levels will also increase once the dehydrating effects of cigarettes are removed, resulting in fuller, more even-toned features and less wrinkled skin texture - with firmer support to the tissue structure.  The skin will regain its elasticity as protein and carbohydrate synthesis improves.  With no cigarette toxins being added to your supply of oxygen, your Vitamin C stores will no longer be depleted and your body will produce the skin matrix materials collagen, elastin and glycoproteins that are woven into clear, supple skin.  Therefore, your skin will be able to breathe again and will be less prone to rashes and breakouts and any existing skin disorders will start to clear up.

Your eyes will become whiter and brighter as your blood becomes more pure. As the blood is purified, healthy hair growth will improve; it will suffer less deterioration and will prevent premature balding in both men and women.

You see, smoking destroys the Omega oils within your body and dries-up the body's natural moisturisers.  Therefore, once you stop smoking, your premature facial lines and wrinkles will diminish and your facial colour will improve through circulation improvement.


muzzSTOP is a detox plan in itself.  When your respiratory system is working properly, waste gases escape via the lungs.  If this elimination route is blocked, as it is with smokers, the body will eliminate these poisonous substances through the lymph and skin through perspiration.  This is why when a person smokes their skin is full of toxins that when combined with perspiration becomes putrid, giving them an undesirable body odor.  In most cases, people are unaware that their body is producing bad body odors.

Once you use muzzSTOP, your body’s elimination organs will return to optimal function, only having to deal with normal wastes produced from everyday life.  Within 24 hours your body odor is greatly reduced. You will smell cleaner to those around you; and you will start to notice how much better everything smells to you.

Social; family and relationship improvement

It has been proven that people who give up smoking experience better relations with others.  Once you have used muzzSTOP, you will be nicer to be around and to get close to as your breath and body odour sweetens.  You can expect partners to want to give you more kisses and cuddles and your friends will find you nicer to be around.

You will stop producing secondhand smoke that harms the health of your spouse, children and infants.  You will become a role model to your children because you gave up smoking and you won’t be responsible for their catching the smoking bug.

muzzSTOP not only makes it easier to give up smoking for yourself, it also makes it easier for you to give up smoking for the people who are important to you.  You’ll gain more confidence socially and in the workplace once you’ve quit smoking.  You will find that you are less irritable and short tempered; and that people respond better to your calm, friendly manner, derived from successfully giving up smoking.  Clients, customers and work colleagues will find you more approachable and pleasant to be with. Thus, your self-esteem will grow.
NB: Exceptions may occur to improvement in heath and well-being when there is an underlying serious pathology such as cancer, emphysema, and so on.  However, even in these cases, many will still feel remarkable benefits in their general health and well-being through giving up smoking and having blood that is cleaner.