How muzzSTOP works

So how does muzzSTOP stop me from smoking in one treatment?
Whenever a smoker makes up their mind that they want to stop smoking, they will find that their whole body has an allergic reaction to any normal attempts they make to stop.  This is because every cell in their body craves nicotine and the absence of nicotine makes their whole body feel very uncomfortable.  This is what gives rise to intense physical cravings . . . and it is these intense cravings that force them to return to smoking. 
It is these intense physical cravings that muzzSTOP instantly takes away in one treatment.  NOT ten treatments, or over a month, BUT right away.  There and then, from your first treatment it is finished with forever!

In the muzzSTOP therapy there are TWO different treatments
(within 24 hours of each other).
1. The first treatment takes away your continual cravings for a cigarette – which STOPS you from smoking now (instantly).  This treatment lasts for about 24 hours;
2. The second treatment is a detoxification treatment that builds on top of the first treatment; and because for the past 24 hours you have been a non-smoker, it causes your body to start an accelerated elimination process that will safely get rid of all the toxic addictions caused by your smoking over the years – which STOPS you from needing a cigarette ever again (forever).
Your first treatment:
In your first muzzSTOP treatment you will receive a specialised acupuncture treatment for nicotine addiction – which will continue to take effect for the next 24 hours.  This treatment is solely designed to stop the intense cravings that cause you to continually need a cigarette.  It will enable you to give up smoking right now.
Your second treatment:
Within 24 hours or so, you will receive a second acupuncture treatment. This second treatment is the secret to never smoking again.  It accelerates your body’s natural process of cleaning and detoxifying your blood (after you have stopped smoking – due to your first treatment).
  After the second treatment you will have no addiction to cigarettes ever again, because it removes all the addictive toxins – and it is these toxins that cause you to return to smoking again and again, whenever you try to give up on your own.
  In brief, the first treatment enables you to stop smoking now; and the second treatment stops you from ever needing to smoke again.
Please note:
The treatments used by muzzSTOP are not used by any other acupuncturists, or quit smoking providers.  Unlike the others, we do not stimulate the pleasure chemicals in the brain to make you feel good, providing the same feelings as the nicotine gives. 
muzzSTOP Acupuncture removes the cravings, and accelerates the body’s natural ability to remove all the toxins that cause you to be addicted to cigarettes. . .  And therefore, once these cravings and addictions are gone you won’t need to smoke ever again.
The specialised combination of muzzSTOP acupuncture points and sequence of treatments have been perfected following hundreds of hours of research and investigation, carried out (under licence) by the Wu-Chi Specialised Acupuncture Group.
For your information:
muzzSTOP Acupuncture is a blend of the old orthodox Chinese sciences that acupuncture was originally founded upon (especially those pertaining to the treatment of opium addictions); coupled with modern science’s knowledge about how the body stores and deals with the nicotine and other toxins that cause cravings and addictions through smoking tobacco.
From this combination of old and new, came a formula of specialised acupuncture points and sequence of treatments that unlock a natural process in the human body that not only stops a person from smoking, but it removes all the elements that cause their addiction to cigarettes.  Furthermore, muzzSTOP greatly stimulates the body’s natural desire to repair itself from the continual intake of poisons inhaled through smoking.
All of these things put together are what contribute to the huge success that muzzSTOP is achieving today.